Universal primary prevention project on sexual exploitation of minors.
  • Partners: La Sortie.
  • Target population: 13 to 24 years old.
  • Territory: Quebec.
  • Platforms where awareness campaign was deployed: Meta (Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube.
  • Campaign duration: July 10 to August 7.
  • Campaign review: over 2,770,000 impressions (number of views). Our big star is undoubtedly the TikTok platform with 1,841,704 impressions, 40% of which are among 13-24 year olds. Facebook generated a lot of interactions (23,595) and performed best with the target audience with 60% reach for the 13-24 age group. Snapchat was popular with female Snapchatters with 62% of impressions reached. As for YouTube, it had the best video view rate with an overall average of 38%. We estimate that 90% of the data analyzed comes from Quebec.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to use the video capsules for your prevention workshops.