Our Mission

Living in safety is a fundamental need to which every human being has the right. Mourani-Criminologie's mission is to contribute to the construction of a safer society where everyone can develop and flourish without fear. Our actions are aimed at bringing about significant changes in the lives of individuals and within communities.

Our Values

Integrity: Prioritizing transparency, ethics, and responsibility in all our actions.
Professionalism: Maintaining high standards of competence, diligence, and respect in all our activities.
Empathy: Understanding and respecting the individual experiences and needs of the people we accompany with compassion.
Respect: Recognizing and valuing the dignity of everyone, fostering an inclusive environment.
Confidentiality: Ensuring the protection and confidentiality of our clients' personal information.
Collaboration: Working in partnership with clients, communities, and professionals.
Social Commitment: Actively contributing to the construction of a more equitable and secure society.

Our Approach

Mourani-Criminologie favors a holistic and human approach to criminology. We provide personalized and tailored support services where the safety and well-being of individuals take precedence, respecting individual journeys. Furthermore, our interventions, assessments, and solutions align with science and innovation.

Dr Maria Mourani

Dr. Maria Mourani holds a degree in clinical criminology from the University of Montreal and a doctorate in sociology from the University of Ottawa. Recognized for her expertise on street gangs, organized crime, human trafficking and sexual exploitation (minor and adult), she has worked with public safety organizations and has piloted several national security files in the Parliament of Canada. She is the sponsor of Bill C-452, an act to amend the Criminal Code to protect victims of sexual exploitation.

Dr. Mourani has worked in a variety of professional environments, including youth centers, Correctional Services Canada, CSST and others. This has allowed her to intervene and accompany adult and minor clientele, including victims and perpetrators of crime.

During her professional and academic career, she has conducted research on criminal groups and since 2010, she has been interested in the involvement of youth in jihadist groups. She is the author of several publications, including three on street gangs and the Italian mafia in Montreal. Her book, Machine-Jihad. Du désir à l'engagement : 10 jeunes lèvent le voile, was launched in Quebec and Europe. Her latest book, Operation Scorpion. Les dessous de la plus grande enquête sur la prostitution juvénile au Québec, was published in November 2022.

After 10 years as the Member of Parliament for Ahuntsic, she was the Representative of the Government of Quebec at the Permanent Delegation of Canada to UNESCO in Paris and was responsible for the issues of radicalization and artificial intelligence.